New Designs

Take a moment to browse our new designs! We have unique bird houses and some new home decor that will be updated weekly. Remember, each item is one of a kind and once it is sold, it’s gone forever!

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All of the wood from Once a Pallet products come from previously used pallets. This prevents these pallets from being thrown away to decompose in a landfill. 

Endless Possibilities

A little bit of imagination goes a long way. Many of our creations have come from casual conversations where someone says, “It would be great if I had…” From there, it’s a pallet and a few nails away from becoming reality! What can we make for you?

Very Economical

While sellers on other sites charge high prices for handmade products, we believe our products are very fairly priced. Most people’s reactions to our prices comes as, “is that all?”. We like hearing that!

Bourbon Street Bird House :: $30 


The Bourbon Street bird house is truly a rustic masterpiece. It features a rugged natural broken wood front wall with an antique… [read more]

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Magnetic Bottle Cap Board :: $20

The Magnetic Bottle Cap board features a repurposed portion of an old barn roof framed in pallet wood with 6 magnetic bottle caps with… [read more

Maple Avenue Bird House :: $20

The Maple Avenue Bird House is an ideal home for small birds and families with young children. The plexiglass back offers you a unique… [Read More]

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